Flexible - Foldable - LED Light - 9V Version

The idea with this light was originally thought up because of all the emergency situations that had/have been happening over the past few years. I wanted to be able to have something that we could build relatively quickly and ship out to people without light.

This is what it's like rolled out!

Roll it up and throw it in your emergency kit!

This light is:

  • simple
  • lightweight
  • flat or can be rolled up
  • provides ambient light
  • and can be used in a multitude of situations


  • Emergencies
  • Camping
  • Survival Situations
  • Etc...


  • 12V LEDs
  • 2 LED Strips
  • Simple Switch (On/Off)
  • 24in x 2 1/4in
  • Requires 1 - 9V Battery (not included)

Donation of $10 + $3.95 shipping.

  • can custom build them to a different length by request. (extra cost)
  • can be used on a 12V system with correct connections

"To change things, don't try to fight the existing reality, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete." - Buckminster Fuller


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