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Insert clever use of the word "sucks" here.. Or Researching to purchase a new vacuum

Today I started the search for a new vacuum cleaner for my home. Currently I have a little Dirt Devil, that leaves a little too much dirt behind. It also has some functional issues that I am unable to repair or replace, so here I am on the hunt for a new one.

twquj82v8mvkivphrn8mwen2punzqr34.jpgMy current residence has all tile floors, and with only a few area rugs or the nooks in my sofa to consider I really don't need anything too fancy. However, as I look into this purchase, I know that my needs can change. It is Because of that, I want my new vacuum to do more than my household might currently require of it.

As I started my search, I will be honest and admit that I was only looking for the most affordable option.

I hadn't even considered environmental responsibility in this purchase. It only occurred to me while I was reading through the product details and consumer reviews.

My list of requirements went from, is there a $15 vacuum?

To: Is this
Affordable - I still have to live with in my means, but it doesn't have to cost less than a gallon of milk..

Energy Efficient-My children play outside, and bring it back in(despite my desperate efforts to keep the outside.. Outside) I have to vacuume several times a week.

Powerful - This is tied into being energy efficent, the better it works the less I will need to use it. In theory

Bagless- I debated heavily on this decision and even started to look into bags that would break down and not add to the waste. I decided instead that I can just use a bandana to shield myself from the particals being released when I empty the canister or clean the filter.

Durable - This may be several down on the list, but it is one of the most imortant requirements. I intend to own this item for a very long time, I want it to last. I remember laughing how my grandparents owned things for 20 or 30 years. Now, I can only hope for 10-12. Which leads into my next requirement..

Repairable - This may be a pipe dream, and is also comittment. Part of the reason that people tend to replace vs repair is cost. Thankfully Youtube has really changed the world for people like myself. I was recently able to repair my dryer because of self help videos, it saved me $100's and kept me from just purchasing a new machine or creating unnecessary waste. Still, I have just had to make the decision to repair vs replace if the item can be saved and remains useful. Even if the costs of buying a new one and repairing the old one don't have the gap that my frugal side would typically require.

Bonus points if...The product is produced with recycled materials, comes from a company that is environmentally conscious, as well as being both manufactured and sold by a company that has fair employment and wages. I'm laughing a bit to myself as I write this, because I literally put less thought into my last tattoo(it is thankfully still very lovely and makes me very happy). I have been continuously surprised, by how much waste a person can create with a single purchase. I literally have to look at that brand new item knowing that eventually half of it will be trash(maybe more, how much of a vacuum cleaner can be recycled? I will have to find out with the one I currently need to replace) I never understood how an individual person could create the amount of trash they do in a lifetime. There is so much waste that we don't even realize.

Ugh! So, if that was too long and you just need a summary.. 

I need to buy a vacuum that really sucks, but doesn't suck the life out of the planet.

Suggestions welcome.