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Five For A Change Recycling at the Graham County Fair!

Five For A Change was able to do some recycling up at the Graham County Rodeo this past weekend! I'm excited to share some pictures of Naomi and some of her helpers fighting the good fight and keeping a lot of plastics and cans out of the landfill!

Thank You so much Naomi for helping Five For A Change and helping Mother Earth in the process.

Graham County Fair Rodeo

Naomi took the initiative to ask me for the Recycling Bins so that she and her crew could do the recycling at the rodeo. I was excited to be able to help her out and want thank her for posting pictures of them in action!


Have to get a Selfie by the sign!

Teaching the young ones the right thing to do!

Good thing the bleachers are tall!

Under the Bleachers - This give me an idea...

Naomi showing them how it works!

This bin is Full of Recyclables

After a hard few nights of work...the world is a little bit safer, thanks to Naomi and her crew...

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