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How to Make Advanced Fire Starters

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Advanced Fire Starters

Now, fire starters aren't anything new...I get that.

I've actually already done a video on Simple Fire Starters here:
Watch the Video Above or Watch on YouTube

I wanted to see if there was a way to make one that is made from not only readily available materials but also one that would relight itself if blown on after it burned "out".

So I decide to see if a charcoal/wood pellet mix, mixed with paraffin wax would achieve what I was wanting. To my surprise it worked really well.

These are the 3 things that you'll need to make a Charcoal Fire Starter:

  1. Charcoal - $6 for a decent sized bag - The reason I chose this, is because it's readily available and easy to find at your local store. Also, charcoal, when blown on, will increase its temperature and relight. So if you have a stubborn fire, you'll be able to keep blowing on it to get your fire to light.
  2. Wood Pellets - $7 for a 50lb bag - These are really easy to break back down into sawdust without having to deal with saw dust. I used an industrial blender which broke it down into sawdust in no time at all.
  3. Paraffin Wax - $7 for a 3lb bag on Amazon - Paraffin wax is what not only holds it all together but it also is what allows for your mix to burn at a slower rate and light easier.

Another goal is to compress the fire starters to allow for a slower burn. The less compressed it is, the shorter the burn time.

Once you have those ingredients: Melt the wax, Mix in the Charcoal and Wood Dust, compress them and then let them cool down till hard.

You can easily add any type of burnable material in place of the Charcoal.

The versions you'll see being tested in this next video are: (Left to Right)

  • Paper
  • Lint
  • Charcoal
  • Lava Rock

Like I said above...This isn't anything new and you can make all types of different versions of fire starters but these are some of the mixes that I've decided to try.

Watch the Video Above or Watch on YouTube

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