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Hoisington Labor Day Events
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We will be doing recycling from Friday, Sept. 1st to Monday, Sept. 4th at the Hoisington Labor Day Celebration Weekend.

Our goal is to recycle as many cans, plastic and glass bottles as possible during the 4 day celebration. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us here.

  • Once you've contacted us, we will provide you with more contact information.

We'll have to pick and choose where the best places will be to setup. Unfortunately, right now, we don't have enough recycling bins to cover every event.

Hoisington Labor Day Schedule of Events - Download the PDF here

I was going to try to put all the details on this page, but there's so much going on that I've decided to just link to the events page. You can also download the PDF up in the link above.

Hoisington Labor Day Parade Full Events Page


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