Volunteer for Automobilia Moonlight Car Show

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Volunteer for Automobilia Moonlight Car Show
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July 8th 2017. This event is happening this weekend in Old Town and Downtown Wichita, KS.

As a Volunteer you are free to come and go as you please.

Please call or text: 209-265-3269 and let us know your name and availability.

Volunteer Duties:

- Help with maintaining the Recycling Bins during the car show.
- Promote Five For A Change and our Mission statement.


Five For A Change Foundation is a A Not-For-Profit started to help build, educate and involve people who want to make a change in the world!

The goal is to fight back the environmental and educational decay in our world today by utilizing the knowledge we now have at hand.

Instead of sitting around talking about doing things…Five For A Change is a foundation that puts our words into actions by going out and accomplishing goals set by the group.

Here you’ll find a growing community that works to support each other in helping to build a better world. You can help by joining our social site, community pages or sharing our work with others.

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Getting Prepped for this weekend! Hope to see you there!
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